My Paying Ads Review

Rating: 5/5

Advertising that pays! Advertise any product of your choise, click on 10 ads per day and you'll earn every 30 minutes.

First Of All Is The Question, What Is My Paying Ads?

MyPayingAds is a Revshare Site that means, an advertising site where you can buy advertising packages.

These packages are high quality ads where you need to click on 10 ads every 24 hours that keeps your ad packs active to earn you from 120 – 150% of what you’ve paid for your advertising. You can’t really find any cheaper targeted advertising than this.

Now to make this system more attractive, the earnings are divided into two money balances. One is the cash balance where you can withdraw your earnings without any fees or even us it to re-purchase more shares. The other balance is your re-purchase balance. Just like the name says, you can use these earnings only to re-purchase more advertising packages. This is very important to keep the system stabil and grow your earnings almost on autopilot.

I’ve tested it all, I did a withdraw and since than I use all the earnings to re-purchase more ad-packs.

Here are my lates stats:

You may have realized on the screen in the section Surf 10 Ads after 880hr. This is because I bought free surfing time. These plans were closed by the time when I am writing this review.

To get started you only need $5. That’s to help people from poor countrys. Because once you have started you can refer as many people into the system through your affiliate link. For EVERY purchase your referal will make you will earn 10% commissions.

With other words you can make money from this system with or without refering people. It always is a winner. As more shares you have, as more you earn.

There are different AdPack Plans:

You may purchase up to 100 ad packs from any Ad Pack Plan below at
a time. 


AdPack-Plan 1: $1 share maturing at $1.20 (120% Returns) 
AdPack-Plan 2: $3 share maturing at  $3.60 (120% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 3: $5 share maturing at  $6.25 (125% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 4: $7 share maturing at  $8.75 (125% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 5: $10 share maturing at  $13.00 (130% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 6: $15 share maturing at  $19.50 (130% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 7: $20 share maturing at  $27.00 (135% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 8: $30 share maturing at  $40.50 (135% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 9: $40 share maturing at  $56.00 (140% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 10:$50 share maturing at  $75.00 (150% Returns)
The revenue from each pool is distributed to the active adpacks of the same pool only.
The maximum adpacks that members can have are 200 for all AdPack-Plans except for Adpack Plan 10 where members can have upto 2000 packs.
Members should maintain a minimum of 100 active packs in one AdPack pool before purchasing from next higher AdPack pool.